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Company Profile


"Dagesh Advanced Solutions" was founded in 2010 and has been providing the Israeli market with innovative solutions in several fields.

In 2014, "Dagesh Advanced Solutions" expanded its business to include the enviromental protection field, offering solutions for air pollution reduction from heavy duty diesel vehicles. 


The company offers a variety of solutions by "PURItech", a renowned leading company in its field, based in Germany. We also represent "ESW Group", a succesfull company based in the USA. We provide our customers with a one focal point solution including the product, service, warranty, maintenance and training.


Oury Vision

  • Our mission is to support improving our quality of life and maintain long-term sustainability. We do this by providing high-standard, innovative solutions that reduce air pollution
  • We are committed to provide our customer first-class quality products
  • We provide personal service in order to answer each customer’s unique needs
  • We maintain effective and productive relationships with our customers, as well as with our business partners


About Us  


"Dagesh Advanced Solutions" is managed by Sharon Dobrovinsky. Sharon has extensive experience in marketing advanced products across various industries, including advanced medical equipment, air pollution reduction solutions and more.  Sharon has a vast experience in business management and in-depth knowledge about the Israeli and the global market. Furthermore, she has the ability of exploring and learning new fields, and provide a wide-angle prespective on them.


"Dagesh Advanced Solutions" is owned by Sam Guzman. Sam is a leading business manager of several companies who provide services to many of the leading companies and organizations in the Israeli market including Tara, Menorah Insurance Company, The Phoenix Insurance Company, Tempo, The Israeli Diamond Center, PerrigoPharma, Superbus, Shufersal, Neto group, The Central Bottling Company Israel (Coca-Cola), Gama, Eurocom (Panasonic) and more. 

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