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DPFN+ System

Self-Cleaning Standard System with Pre-Filter


This DPFN+ system by PURItech contains of an additional pre-filter. Because of that the system regenerates (self-regenerating) even at low temperatures. The DPFN+ is applicable mainly at city transportation applications. The DPFN+ system is a typical filter for metro busses and distribution vehicles.


Advantages at a glance:

  • Permanent self-cleaning at 225C (average)
  • 24 hours operating cycle without stop
  • Monitoring system and system check
  • Installation kit for almost all engines available

Product description:

  • The DPFN+ system is a self-cleaning filter system with passive regeneration on a catalyzed basis
  • The DPFN+ system consists of a pre-filter
  • Filter and catalyst is one unit
  • The system consists of ceramic monolith
  • The DPFN+ system is designed for applications with exhaust gas temperatures from 225 C and can also be used on diesel engines with medium loads
  • Filter system for low backpressure, due to controlled filter regeneration
  • Electronic system monitoring and data logging of operation per central unit

Description of Function:

The DPFN+ system consists of ceramic monolith, sheathed with a stainless steel can and internal insulated with an elastic mat against vibrations.

The filtration is achieved by a wall-flow method where the channels are plugged on one end and particles are remaining in the wall while the gas flows through the walls. A huge number of channels result in a big filter surface with a high storage capacity for soot particle.
The regeneration process of the DPFN+ system converts soot into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water. A residue of burned oil (ash) remains in the filter.



  • Monolithic filter block made of Aluminum Oxide
  • Honeycomb with reciprocally closed channels
  • Channel wall with porous structure
  • Exhaust gas flows through channel wall and gets filtered
  • Surface of the channels are catalyzed
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